Ethical and organic clothes for babies and young kids
Prepare your baby ready to be the next Eco-warrior

A child should always be able to choose their own path in life when they get older.

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But at abiento, we feel youngsters need guidance from their parents so there is no better time to start them on Eco-friendly, ethical, and sustainable products than at the start of their life`s journey.

Shop ethical and all natural clothing for youngsters
Shop organic responsibly made cotton clothes for kids

What harm is there in introducing your children to and making them aware of the things they can do to not only help people but also the planet and its other inhabitants.

That is why here at abiento, we review ethical clothing for youngsters as well as things like organic and fair trade baby food to name just a few of the fabulous ethical and sustainable baby and kids products.

you can buy ethical and organic baby food here
A massive choice of organic baby food is now available

Why is organic food good for young children?

In our opinion, we think organic food is the healthy choice for all of us but especially for babies and toddlers.

You see, new born and youngsters can be very vulnerable to the chemical compounds, preservatives, artificial colourings and flavourings.

Why is this?

Well, mainly because their immune systems have still not developed so being little folk who are growing, the least exposure to these chemicals the better.

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Watch out for harmful chemicals in your food

As an example, try baking your own bread and see how long it stays in tip top condition when compared to a store bought loaf of bread.

We recently stayed in a hotel by Lake Garda in Italy and each morning the waiter from the restaurant would bring a basket of bread rolls to the lake side and throw them to the waiting ducks, swans and fish.

When I spoke to him about it to ask why, he simply said, “yesterday`s bread, no good today”.

This was because they only used fresh and organic bread each day and because it was not full of preservatives it went stale quickly.

We all worry about our baby`s and kid`s nutrition, after all, it`s what gives them their best start in life.

Like anything in life, what you put in you get out and the better you put in, the better you get out of it.

It’s the same with baby and toddler food.

The problem is, you can`t always be sure what goes into mainstream food for youngsters or indeed adults for that matter!

Organic crackers are the best snacks for growing kids, they love them.
Organic crackers are the best snacks for growing kids, they love them.

So why take a chance on knowing if there are E numbers in your baby`s food or what type of preservative they are using.

Does the baby food have artificial food colouring or whiteners like Titanium Dioxide, which incidentally is also used to make Rubber white!

We obviously do not want to scare you.

But we do feel that in our opinion, giving your youngster the best start in life by feeding them healthy organic food is the ideal way.

Natural and organic products for babies
We partner with fabulous ethical stores like Natural Collection, suppliers of fantastic organic products for babies and youngsters

This is why at abiento we promote healthy organic food for all of us including babies, toddlers and youngsters and only promote the products from reputable ethical suppliers.

And even then, we still like to confirm how good they are ourselves!

Check out and book mark our product reviews in your favourites so you can keep up to date with Organic baby food and Ethical Organic Clothes For Kids.

And don`t forget yourselves mums!

Beetnik® Blog
Image courtesy of Beetnik® Blog

Here is a very interesting and up to date article we found on the Beetnik® Blog about why it`s great for new mothers to eat organic.

It is a really thought inspiring article from guys who have a real passion for natural and organic foods and we feel it will give you more information on the benefits of an organic lifestyle.

If you have any thoughts on a vegan organic diet for your child, why not let us know by contacting abiento here.