Shop handmade artisan jewellery at Abiento®

Shop handmade artisan jewellery at Abiento® and get access to the finest artisan jewellery from around the world.

You will also find that shopping our range of beautiful artisan jewellery comes with fantastic free delivery and return options.

So, on the rare occasion you may not like what you have bought or it doesn`t quite fit correctly, it`s simple to return the product and choose something else.

Adjustable double band silver ring

Adjustable double band silver ring Two simple lines in symmetry, creating the ideal silver binding.

The Adjustable Double Band Sterling Silver Ring is a magical little treasure that sits on your finger creating the illusion of two separate sterling silver rings maintaining the perfect distance between them. The inventiveness of this creation allows you to embellish your layered look in an instant.


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Feather sterling silver earrings

Feather sterling silver earrings The movement of these sterling silver earrings is made possible by the delicate chain allowing for the feather charms to fall harmoniously.

The Feather with Chain Sterling Silver Earrings flaunt a charm that is crafted with absolute attention to detail, ensuring all part of the feather are made evident in this 925 sterling silver drop earring. e&e has created this beauty out of non allergenic material, making them suitable for sensitive skin and allowing you to create a thoughtful gift.

£25.00 - Mix any two sets of £25.00 and pay only £45.00

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Pearl gold plated ring

Pearl gold plated ring They say beauty is in the details, that's why we took special care in designing the details of this gold plated ring.

The Ellipse Shape Pearl Gold Plated Ring features a smooth, creamy signature e&e freshwater pearl, nested in multiple brass wires that have been dipped in 18ct gold. What's more, the dainty band is textured with dotted details.


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Handmade Spanish pendant earrings

Handmade Spanish pendant earrings Gorgeous pendant style Spanish earrings.
Ideal wedding costume earrings or earrings for that special occasion.
Delivered from Spain in 48 hours

£56.00 including free UK shipping

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Hand plated gold necklace

Hand plated gold necklace Lovers of beads will rejoice over this compelling gold plated necklace.

Covered in its entirety in vividly coloured beads, the necklace's motif is interrupted only so that a few 18ct gold plated beads can frame the lower part of the necklace, and therefore its central charm. An outstanding Hamsa Hand charm dangles on the base of your neckline, exhibiting the charm's sparkling zircon crystals in white, dark blue and black.


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Handmade climber earrings

Handmade climber earrings This earring style takes us on a trip to the busy streets and experiences of London. It is inspired by the vibes of Mayfair - classy yet sophisticated and with a touch of modernity if you keep an eye for it.

These earrings cover your ear from front to back and have 8 semi-hoops with 15 miniature zircon stones each and accompanied by a bigger cluster of 14 bigger zircon stones.

£45.00 including free UK shipping

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Shop handmade Spanish jewellery
Check out the stunning range of handmade Spanish artisan jewellery here

Mass produced jewellery just cannot compete with the infinite unique designs that can be obtained by making jewellery by hand.

Your handmade necklace, ring or earrings do not just contain semi-precious stones and metals, but also the love and inspiration of the artisan crafts person who made it for you.

With infinite combinations to choose from, your unique jewellery will not only look and feel good but you will also be helping to maintain and develop these special manufacturing skills passed down through the ages.

Spanish artisan jewellery with free worldwide delivery
Spanish artisan jewellery with free worldwide delivery

Pablo Picasso once said,

“the purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” My creations are my memories and remind me of everything genuine and joyful in life”

This is what it means to artisan people, they get their joy and pleasure from creating beautiful things for others.

Low cost handmade jewellery for weddings

If you sometimes find that your jewellery itches or leaves a rash on your skin, it could mean that you are allergic to nickel.

This is not a problem as many jewellery makers offer nickel free items so watch out for those and you will see a vast improvement.

Browse the wonderful jewellery from our carefully selected artisans who provide exquisite artisan rings, necklaces, brooches and earrings for all occasions, including a fabulous choice of bridal jewellery.

Be sure to take advantage of those wonderful offers of free worldwide delivery on artisan handmade jewellery. If you want to shop for the latest fashion styles for women to go with your new jewellery, visit our Fashion For Women page here.

Low cost handmade jewellery for women
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