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Get vegan friendly, organic recipes and fair trade food reviews here at abiento.

At abiento, we love to travel whether it is in the UK or further afield so we would like to think we get exposure to some really tasty and interesting organic food.

Organic Italian arrabiata pasta sauce

Organic Italian arrabiata pasta sauce This Clearspring Arrabiata pasta sauce is a great way of keeping your pasta dishes organic, nutritious and above all, delicious! Made in Italy, this pasta sauce uses fresh sun-ripened-tomatoes untainted by GM ingredients, with only naturally occurring sugars. The recipe uses a combination of organic ingredients and demeter farmed organic ingredients to keep the sauce healthy.


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How to make your own gin

How to make your own gin Create your own dapper gin in less than 24 hours using refined botanicals, simply add one of the craft botanical blend sachets included to any vodka and let the magic take place.

Create two bottles of the ultimate gentleman’s tipple in just four simple steps in under 24 hours. Perfect for Father’s Day, Christmas or a birthday. It’s the ultimate expression of creativity for the dashing man of refinement, but with no expertise or previous experience required. Also included here are our carefully curated gin toppers, selected to add an extra dash of flavour in the glass. Let him experiment with the aromas of star anise and hibiscus along with pink pepper and juniper.


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Organic extra virgin olive oil

Organic extra virgin olive oil Olive Branch is a single varietal, 100% natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil cold-pressed solely from Koroneiki olives to produce an intensely flavoured fruity olive oil with a hyper-fresh grassy aroma.

The flavour takes you through three distinct stages,beginning with a fresh grassy flavour – likened to freshly cut herbs, moving onto some fruity, nutty undertones and finishing with a light spiky peppery finish.

£6.86 also available in 5 Litre pack

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Dairy free cheese alternative

Dairy free cheese alternative This creamy cheese spread is the perfect indulgence for those new to their vegan diet who are craving the taste of cheese. This spread has an incredible cheesy taste complemented with spring onion and black pepper without the use of any animal products. With Sheese, both vegans and sufferers of lactose intolerance can enjoy wonderful savoury snacks with complete peace of mind. The recipe uses coconut oil as opposed to palm oil, plus it is completely free of nuts and gluten too. Try some on a jacket potato or smeared across a wheat-free scone.


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Equadorian 100% organic chocolate

Equadorian 100% organic chocolate It’s hard to resist a sweet treat and chocolate is often everyone’s favourite. This healthy bar enriched with bio-live cultures is the ideal alternative to chocolate for vegans and anyone fancying a new taste adventure. The delicious combination of caramel-tasting coconut sugar and coconut cream is a real winner, we’re sure you’ll agree.


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Meat free sausage and baked beans

Meat free sausage and baked beans A delicious vegan twist on the classic beans & sausages from Suma. Delicious meat-free lincolnshire style sausages with baked beans in a rich tomato sauce with herbs and spices, great on toast or with a baked potato. Registered with the vegan and vegetarian societies.


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Now that you have seen some of the wonderful organic and free trade produce on offer, we thought, why not share our recipes  with our customers?

We have just carried out a side by side taste test on Organic corn fed Poussin to see if soaking in brine makes any difference to the taste and moisture of the cooked meat.

You can read about our taste test here.

Why not try our Vegan friendly and organic recipes like tasty cold pasta inspired by our trip to Northern Italy or how about sumptuous street food from Sicily?

If you like to follow a vegan diet or are interested in trying this, there are some fabulous vegan foods available through our sustainable and ethical vegan food shopping network.

There are all kinds of vegan,vegetarian,organic and fair trade foods and groceries that are a wonderful alternative to our normal meat and dairy biased diets.

There is no reason not to give them a try as there are proven health benefits to a plant and fruit based lifestyle.

Believe it or not, but our digestive systems are suited more to plants and fruit than they are to meat.

This is due to the length of our digestive system.

Predators, such as Lions who eat meat, have a much shorter digestive route than we do so they can digest and take up the nutrients and proteins they need easily.

Humans on the other hand have a long digestive system that is set up to efficiently digest and gather complex proteins and nutrients from plants.

But do we not need to eat meat to keep fit and full of muscle?

Well to answer that question, try looking at what a Gorilla eats or Chimpanzee eats then decide for yourself.

You would not want to go 10 rounds with one of those bad boys would you?

If you are looking to buy festive vegan foods but are not sure where to get them.

where can I buy vegan foods in the UK
A stunning choice of vegan food is available

Well, we have done the hard work for you and have sourced excellent suppliers of ethical and vegan festive foods so you can sit back and relax and enjoy your self.

You are really spoiled for choice when shopping for your vegan festive food.

From nibbles for starters through to the main festive vegan or vegetarian meal and then finishing off with a sumptuous vegan dessert, it`s all here for you at abiento.

Whether it is Christmas on the 25th of December, Eid Mubarak on Sunday the 24th of  May 2020 or Rosh HaShanah on the 19th of September 2020 you will find a massive selection of foods available.

So no matter what religious festival, birthday, anniversary or just a special occasion you may be celebrating, why not give your body a change and try eating more fruit and vegetables instead of meat and fish?

Christmas vegan food
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