This M&S No Chicken Kiev review is totally independent. Abiento is not affiliated with Marks and Spencer or their products and gains no profit from them for this vegan product review.

M&S No Chicken Kiev review
M&S No Chicken Kiev

I have to be totally honest with you, I am not a vegan, I dabble with vegetarianism a little bit but that is all.

So why am I writing this review on M&S No Chicken Kiev?

Well, the guys at Abiento know I just love Chicken Kievs, they are one of my favourite dishes and I have eaten plenty.

A Birdseye Inspiration Chicken Kiev, unfortunately did not inspire me much

Home made ones, cheap ones, expensive restaurant ones, you name a Chicken Kiev, and I have tried it. 

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I think I can safely say, I know my Chicken Kievs.

Which is why I have been asked to run my rule over the M&S No Chicken Kiev.

I have to admit, Vegan and vegetarian food has come on leaps and bounds and there are many tasty dishes out there and a wonderful choice of vegan products.

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So are Marks & Spencer just jumping on the vegan and vegetarian band wagon or have they got a really good alternative to Chicken Kiev?

Well first, let me explain how I see a really good Chicken Kiev so we have a benchmark to measure the M&S No Chicken Kiev against.

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In my opinion, a truly wonderful cooked Chicken Kiev should have the following;

  • The breadcrumbs on the outside should be golden and crispy.
  • When cut open, the garlic and herb butter should run out onto your plate.
  • The chicken fillet must be an even size so it cooks evenly.
  • The chicken should be an even pale colour and still be moist.

Not a lot really is there?

No there isn`t, but you would be surprised how many times I have seen it done wrong.

In fact, my best Chicken Kiev was the one I used to get at our local pub. They were probably cheap ones from the local supermarket but they tasted fantastic.

When you cut into it, the garlic butter spread right across the plate like a garlic tsunami travelling towards my chips and garden peas.

Want to know my worst Chicken Kiev?

Well how about one advertised on the menu as Chicken Kiev but when I cut into it, it contained cheese and ham!

All you need to know about the ingredients and cooking times for M&S No Chicken Kiev
All you need to know about what goes into a M&S No Chicken Kiev

A mistake, I hear you say?

Not a bit, when I asked the waitress why there was cheese and ham in the Chicken Kiev, she replied;

“That`s how we make it here”.

Sacre Bleu! Or should I say Cordon Bleu, as that is what it was.

So would I be disappointed with the M&S No Chicken Kiev?

Let`s find out shall we.

Vegan alternative to Chicken Kiev
Two nicely sized no chicken kievs

As you can see, you get two Kievs when you buy M&S No Chicken Kiev and I found that one Kiev is sufficient per person unless you are really hungry.

First of all, the cooking is a cinch, just preheat your oven at gas mark 6 or 200 Deg C and bake on an oven proof tray for 20 minutes.

You may want to adjust the temperature settings depending on your oven type but the cooking instructions are nice and clear on the back of the packaging.

For products like this with breadcrumb or batter outer layers, I always use a perforated pizza type baking tray as I find it crisps up the base of the product better.

Always place some tin foil on the base of your oven to catch any drips that might fall through the holes in the tray though as it makes it easier to clean up afterwards.

After 20 minutes, carefully remove the Kiev or Kievs from the oven and serve up.

No chicken kiev from marks and spencer
A serving suggestion for your No Chicken M&S Kiev

I chose to have it with a nice mixed salad dressed with Palestinian Organic Olive Oil.

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Now, as if there wasn`t going to be enough garlic involved, I had a couple of slices of homemade garlic and herb bread on the side.

There will be no vampires in my house I can tell you!

Initial view was that the M&S No Chicken Kiev looked very nice.

It ticked the boxes of being a uniform size, golden and crispy.

The ultimate test now is what is inside and what did it taste like?

What is it like inside a No Chicken M&S Kiev?
A trickle of Garlic Butter, not a flood!

First disappointment I am afraid to say was when I cut into the M&S No Chicken Kiev, nothing came flooding out!

I love my Chicken Kievs to gush garlic butter out on to my plate.

Unfortunately, I would say even a trickle would be kind to the M&S No Chicken Kiev.

Okay so not everyone likes floods of garlic butter so how about the taste?

Again, a bit disappointing really.

The Chicken substitute was fine and had a chicken`y texture but where is the garlic and herb taste Marks & Spencer?

I can only describe the taste as a tangy taste but certainly in my opinion, not a garlic taste.

My conclusion?

Well,I finished it! So it didn`t taste too bad.
Well,I finished it!

Sorry Abiento and Marks & Spencer, the M&S No Chicken Kiev tasted fine but as an alternative to the Chicken Kievs I know, it’s a no from me.

This M&S No Chicken Kiev review is totally independent. Abiento is not affiliated with Marks and Spencer or their products and gains no profit from them for this vegan product review.