Review of Linda McCartney`s Vegetarian Meatballs

Linda McCartney`s Vegetarian Meatballs

Please note: has no affiliation with Linda McCartney Foods , Sainsbury Stores, Waitrose Stores or their products. This is a true and independent product review.

Browsing the shelves of vegan products in our local supermarket, we spotted the Linda McCartney`s Vegetarian Meatballs.

Having seen the very bold statement on the packaging that read, “Ridiculously Tasty”, we had to give them a try and then feedback to our vegetarian abiento customers via our normal product review.

Now we know how you appreciate our honest product reviews and our product review today of Linda McCartney`s Vegetarian Meatballs will be no different.

So as we said earlier, Linda McCartney Foods say “Ridiculously Tasty”, now that is a very strong statement for a vegan or vegetarian producer to make and it does set the customer`s expectations pretty high.

Would it live up to the billing or would it be ridiculously not as tasty as they make out?

Packaging was a little strange in that the meatballs were sat on a cardboard separator within a foil tray with a plastic film over the top.

We found the outer cardboard sleeve that contained the product and cooking information to be a little confusing.

It was as though there was too much information for the size of the sleeve and we eventually worked out that the full cooking instructions were on the inside of the sleeve.

Linda McCartney`s Vegetarian Meatballs ready for cooking
Meatballs with all packaging removed

Once we had worked out the instructions, we were good to go.

This is not a microwavable vegetarian dish so must be cooked in the oven.

Set the oven to pre-warm at 180 Deg C then remove the cardboard sleeve if you haven`t done already.

Completely remove the clear plastic film, remember this is not a microwave job so not a “pierce in several places” kind of thing.

Take hold of the cardboard separator by the raised up section in the middle and tip and wiggle the meatballs back into the foil tray.

This is now ready to put in the pre-heated oven for 16 minutes to cook, not 15 minutes or even 17 minutes, for some reason 16 minutes.

Now to us, 16 minutes seems a pretty accurate cooking time.

We are not sure if a higher temperature of 185 Deg C instead of 180 Deg C would have given a nice round cooking time of 15 minutes, but hey, who are we to argue!

Now even meat-based meatballs can be a little on the dry side especially when they are low fat.

They are quite often served with a pasta sauce, so we decided to have a side by side test of Linda McCartney`s Vegetarian Meatballs accompanied by a tomato and bell pepper sauce along with no sauce.

Waitrose Peperonata Tomato Sauce
Try adding some Waitrose Peperonata Tomato Sauce to your meatballs for extra moisture and taste

Whilst the meatballs were cooking we warmed some Waitrose Peperonata Tomato Sauce to accompany some of  our vegetarian meat balls.

After 16 minutes of cooking, the meatballs are done and ready to serve.

We split them 50:50 on to two plates and covered half with the Waitrose Peperonata Tomato Sauce then prepared ourselves to see how “Ridiculously Tasty” they were.

Firstly, the meatballs without sauce.

In our opinion, they were tasty but the texture was a little dry but to be honest, you can get that when using low fat meat as well so we won`t mark them down for that.

As for “Ridiculously Tasty”.

Well we wouldn`t go as far as saying that but they were perfectly fine meatballs with a nice mild spice flavour.

Now for the Linda McCartney`s Vegetarian Meatballs with Waitrose Peperonata Tomato Sauce.

Our view is this is the way to go.

The added moisture as well as flavour the sauce brought to the meatballs was welcome and we would even suggest throwing in some of your favourite pasta to make a full meal.

Organic pasta shells
Try some Organic pasta with your meatballs and sauce

So, our final thoughts on Linda McCartney`s Vegetarian Meatballs.

Not “Ridiculously Tasty” as stated, but absolutely fine and due to the high protein and low fat content, we think these would make an ideal snack after an exercise session to help re-build those muscles.

We would also make the instructions and product information less fussy and easier to read.

We would also suggest to our non-vegan or non-vegetarian customers to give vegan and a more plant and vegetable-based diet a try.

You will be amazed at the variety of foods readily available today.

You don`t have to suddenly convert to a vegan diet, just try some of the dishes and see what you think.

Vegetables and plants offer a whole range of complex proteins, micro-nutrients and healthy bacteria that can really make a difference to your health, immune system and energy levels.

What you will also find is that when eating out in restaurants or cafes, the vegetarian options will be extremely tasty as the chefs tend to add more flavour as they feel veggies are tasteless.

On Christmas Eve this year I had a particularly good Mushroom and Spinach pasta dish with garlic bread in our local pub that was stunning, and I am only a part time vegan so could easily have gone for a normal meat based festive dish.

I am so glad I didn`t as I would have missed out on this wonderful vegetarian meal.

So don`t dismiss vegan foods, fruit and vegetables, give them a go.


Please note: has no affiliation with Linda McCartney Foods , Sainsbury Stores, Waitrose Stores or their products. This is a true and independent product review.