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Everyone likes to look good and that goes for your home as well which is why abiento brings you a select number of the finest UK home ware suppliers so you can make you and your home beautiful. 

Shop all natural cotton bedding

Are you the kind of person who appreciates a fabulous night`s sleep?

Do you care about the materials that go into your bedding?

Is it important that your bedding is made from all natural materials lovingly prepared by artisan crafts-people?

Luxury organic bedding with free delivery

Then you will be pleased to learn that all natural luxury bedding from BedFolk are now available at abiento.

Luxury bedding at affordable prices has always been a contradiction in terms, but no longer.

Manufactured by Portuguese artisans using only the finest natural materials such as cotton and without the use of harmful chemicals, your dreams have finally come true.

At exceptional prices, you can now buy eco friendly luxury bedding for your home.

Where can you buy luxury organic bedding in the UK

Not convinced?

Well how about free delivery and try a 60 day sleep trial on luxury organic bedding and if you are not absolutely over the moon, expect a full no quibble refund.

Our customers are becoming more and more concerned about the impact they make on the planet and rightly so.

Which is why we have made sure that there is always a choice of Fair Trade and Eco friendly home ware and home improvement products.

Click to buy hand woven patterned Jute rug made from sustainable Jute

This stunning hand spun patterned Jute rug from natural Collection is obviously all natural and will make the most of the contrast of your flooring.

We think it looks especially good when it is combined with wooden flooring.

If you are wondering what Jute is, well it is an extremely fast growing vegetable that can be spun into very strong items like rugs.

It is very hard wearing and is sustainable so not only looks good, it is good for the environment as well.

And get this, this patterned Jute rug is manufactured on a manually operated machine so doesn`t use any power!

We are also aware that abiento customers like clever ways to improve their homes.

This is why we are always looking for things that will pique your interest and make your home stunning as well.

Learn how to personalise your Samsung TV

One example we would like to show you is a very simple yet very effective way to make your TV match the colour scheme of your house.

It can really personalise the finish of your Samsung TV. 

The Customisable Beige Wood Bezel is a simple trim design in a variety of patterns and styles.

It simply clips onto the outside of your TV rather than just having the original colour.

We think this is a really simple but stylish way to vastly improve the look of your TV and we think it is a fabulous home ware improvement product.

So be sure to keep an eye on abiento for your next home improvement project.