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We all want to look our best all of the time.

But do we really want to do it at the expense of the planet, testing on animals or using a product that is made by some poor worker slaving away for 12 hours a day to scrape a living?

Review of all natural Beautiful Me Mineral Eye Shadow in brown

We have just tested the Beautiful Me Mineral Eye Shadow from Natural Collection to see how this Eco-friendly eye makeup stood up to our reviewers.

Well, first problem arose straight away. Once you unscrew the cap how do you get to the eye makeup?

Problems with mineral eye shadow

Do you twist the plastic top around? It seems the answer is no you do not.

Well if you look very closely at our image above, there is a tiny flexible plastic pull tab that you peel off. Very difficult to see and we were on the verge of sending the product back to the supplier.

All natural mineral eye shadow

Peel this tab back and the natural mineral eye make up can be accessed but another down side to the Beautiful Me Mineral Eye Shadow is you need to supply your own applicator.

Once we applied the eye make up it was fine, but wow what a faff to get to it in the first place.

Beautiful Me Mineral Eye Shadow is not  a product we would recommend but if you fancy seeing if we are right or wrong, give it a try your self.


At abiento we truly believe that beauty shouldn`t be at the expense of others which is why we have looked hard and long for suppliers that have the same values as us.

Nakin are an ideal example of looking after our skin without harming others with their Natural Eco friendly anti aging cream.

Shop for ECO friendly anti aging cream

If your values and ethics are the same as ours then you will be on the lookout for;

  • Sustainable beauty products for women and men.
  • Fair trade moisturisers that don`t impact the environment or are tested on animals.
  • How about hair die products?
  • Possibly vegan beauty products? Yes these are available you know.
  • How about beauty products that have been manufactured using zero power, yes that`s correct, zero power.

We just know you will love the beauty products made by Natural Collection as much as we do.

We recently tested their Jason Lavender volumising shampoo.

Is lavender good for your hair

As the name suggests, it is aimed at volumizing your hair so if you have thin wispy hair, you may think this is the product for you.

Well, we are not saying it doesn`t volumise your hair, but to be honest we didn`t see a massive difference after using it for a few weeks.

What we did find was that our hair felt lovely and clean afterwards and that lavender smell is wonderful.

Watch out when you pour it onto your hands or hair during use as it has a very thin consistency so can easily run out into the shower or sink.

We also found that Jason Lavender volumising shampoo did seem to really clean the hair so we felt our hair felt more grippy if that makes sense.

With this in mind, we think it is best to use a good hair conditioner after use just to make your hair easier to style after washing, maybe something like the Alba Botanica Plumeria Replenishing Conditioner which is macadamia based.

where can I buy eco friendly hair conditioner

Now something you need to know about lavender.

It not only smells gorgeous but did you know that the scent has a relaxing effect on you so can help if you are having trouble sleeping.

Why not try washing your hair last thing at night with your lavender shampoo to see if it improves your sleeping?

Eco friendly hair dye

We all get grey hair at some point or we just feel like a change of hair colour once in a while.

Well you will be glad to know that Naturtint provide the eco friendly answer to hair dying.

Are there any eco friendly hair dyes available in the UK

This is a real alternative to products from the likes of L`Oreal, Boots own brands etc and we think it is well worth a try.

We found that everything was in the box, like gloves, conditioner, instructions, everything really to give a fantastic result.

Not only does it help to improve the condition of your hair, this product ticks all the boxes for a eco friendly hair die.

It even covered those tricky grey hairs that always seem to put up a stubborn fight when you come to try and colour them!

But don`t take our word for it,make sure you book mark abiento, the best place for eco friendly beauty product reviews.