Bodyclock Luxe 700 - Wake Up Light
This clock mimics a sunset and sunrise to help you relax and unwind before bed – very clever!

At abiento,we love clever ethical home gadgets especially ones that use sustainable power or that are made using sustainable power, materials or simply more efficient so less waste.

We have just spotted this really useful solar powered gadget.

solar powered USB charger
Charges two devices at once using solar power so can be used anywhere in the world!

If like us you have been caught short and haven`t realised how low the power level has got on your Ipad or Android device then you will simply love this solar powered USB charger.

Being a solar powered USB charger, it is a very sustainable way to charge your devices.

And as it is solar powered, you can use it anywhere in the world so no messing around with different electrical plug adapters depending on which country you are travelling to.

Solar powered USB charger
Charge two devices easily anywhere you want to

This Solar USB charger can charge two devices at once with its 2W output and can be done by either sticking the device on a window, or on any surface that is exposed to sunlight.

We think this would be an ideal Solar Powered USB Android Charger for a business person who spends a lot of time travelling abroad as it means no multiple plug adapters.

If you love energy efficient appliances then you are on the right website to find reviews and sustainable gadget shopping opportunities.

For example, if you love making hot coffee and tea and want to save electricity and money, then check out this ethical kettle.

These really clever vacuum flask hot water kettles not only use less power to heat the water, they then keep it hot for up to 4 hours!

How cool is that, or should we say, how hot is that!

Just think, boil the water once then you can make tasty cups of hot tea or coffee throughout the morning.

Currently these vacuum kettles are on sale with 20% off.

So you save electricity and money.

Vacuum flask hot water kettles
Save energy with these vacuum flask hot water kettles

We joke about the English weather but there has never been a better time to take advantage of solar light technology.

We have found the quality of this sustainable light source has vastly improved over the last 5 years.

We had almost given up on poor solar lights with their feeble beam of light barely travelling more than half a metre or less in some cases.

which is the best solar powered flood light for a caravan
Get piece of mind with a solar powered flood light, great for pathways.

Now this has all changed and a solar powered flood light can illuminate a very useful area of in our case a good 6 metres or more.

We have recently installed three of these solar powered flood lights on the access path to our holiday lodge.

The lights are strategically placed at the steps up to the deck area then just outside the front door.

This is a really useful safety feature in winter when we are walking up the path as they also have motion sensors so the lights come on in sequence lighting up the way.

Now you might think there isn`t enough sunlight in winter to power solar lights, well there is and here is the reason why.

Because the lights only come on when they react or see motion, then turn off automatically after a short while, they hardly use any power.

They are also so simple to fit, just a few self tapping screws and no wiring to worry about.

How do I maintain my solar powered flood light?

Just give the small solar panel a wipe with a damp cloth once a month and that is all the maintenance they need. 

We have found these solar powered lights are perfect for walk ways so we would also think they would be ideal if you had a caravan or motor home.

Hot news on electrical products UK.

Discounted Zanussi tumble dryer

Massive sale and discounts on a full range of washing machines, Televisions and much more!

Having a clever gadget in your home can make life so much easier be it the latest TV or music system to just simply something that makes well, life simple.

If you can get a gadget made from sustainable resources or recycled products then that is even better.

Here at abiento we look for clever gadgets but we will always look for ethical, sustainable or products made from recycled waste.

That way everyone`s a winner.

It is funny how we can make things in life complicated so buying your electrical kit should not be.

Award Winning Panasonic GX800 TV

The Panasonic GX800 LED TV series is a great example of how technology is moving at pace to bring customers one of the best pictures available today.

This slick flat screen is available in 40,50,58 and a massive 65 inch screen sizes so you can go from the subtle look in your living room with the 40 inch GX800 screen or wow look at my home cinema with the 65 inch GX800 Panasonic TV.

All come with WIFI and Blue tooth connectivity and if you like to ask Alexa, they are all compatible TVs wit Alexa.

If your budget will not stretch to the latest sound bar technology, why not set up a pair of Alexa speakers instead for less than £50.

This is an example of why we have teamed up with Electrical Discount UK so that you can get the best deals, delivery and prices on all your electrical gear without the complexity.